5 ways to improve Onbaording

5 ways to improve Onbaording

There is only one chance to make a first good impression and Onboarding allows us to do that and more. An effective Onboarding program improves productivity, reduces turnover and creates a great environment of collaboration.

For those who know me, I am very passionate about this topic and I find Onboarding fascinating.Today, I am sharing with you my top 5 elements that should consider to enhance your Onboarding process.


Start with the basics:

You don’t have to deliver all the information at once. Don’t overwhelm your new hire with information that is not relevant during the first weeks.

Send paperwork and Training in advance:

Save time and energy and send an email with paperwork, forms and training needed 


Prepare a great and effective Orientation session for the first day.

Understanding the Business:

Share in advance links and videos of your products or services.

Be prepared:

Have a checklist with all the requirements that your new hire needs on her/his first day such as: equipment, access, office supplies.

An Onboarding program, if done right, provides companies with the opportunity not only to accelerate time to ramp up of new hires, but also to elevate standards of productivity for all employees.

What your company is doing to provide a memorable Onboarding experience?

Do you want to learn how to reduce turnover and create engagement?


Onboarding is the easiest way to attract, retain and motivate talent. Onboarding is more than checking a box.

Onboarding is an experience.

The Onboarding Project will teach you how to design an effective &  strategic Onboarding program and increase performance. 4 online sessions. 


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